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Student Room allotment and Invigilator allotment application


• Student Room Allotment during theory examinations
• Examination Invigilators & Relievers Allotment
• Scheme-wise Syllabus & Exam Timetable Management
• Reports as per official VTU, Belagavi formats
• SrushtiSoft's friendly technical support


Student Room Allotment

Everyday manual allotment of rooms to each student during examination is not only a monotonous job, but also an error prone task. Embrace "Unity" to automate the whole process of alloting rooms to thousands of students everyday with few clicks.


Invigilators & Relievers Allotment

Delegating Invigilators / Examiners to each room during theory examination is another responsble part of exam conducting activity by the college. With "Unity", setting professor's year of experience and his availability schedule during exam dates, preparing their exam duty plan well in advance is easier than before.


Reports as per VTU, Belagavi format

Generate Form-A, Form-B, question paper indent, student attendance chart and many other college and university required reports for each session druing semester exams. Most of the reports as per the formats prescribed by the Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi and can be generated with less than 5 clicks in "Unity".


One-Click Operations

The tedious and huge process of Room allotment, Examiners/Relievers allotment can be done with a single click. "Unity" make use of all standard settings fed one-time by the college administrator and generate need-of-the-hour reports during the busy schedule of examination.


Mobile-friendly interface

"Unity" is built for both desktop and mobile (tablets) devices. Examiners and college administrator can access "Unity" anywhere inside college campus on thier mobile and perform examination related activity such as student absent marking, atlernative invigilator/examiner update, quick check of student seat location and many more.


Secured & Easy to use

With nearly 12 years of experience, we at SrushtiSoft, understand how college administrators, professors think and act. Our simplest & most effective software design approach in "Unity" help them do their job quickly & efficiently. "Unity"s simple and Intuitive user-interface design requires less user training and always easy to operate.

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